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“It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key”

Winston Churchill

An airliner vanishes without a trace

There is no crash site. The airplane with 200 passengers and crew is completely gone. The country goes on high alert and a team is sent out to search for the missing aircraft.


a 27-year-old astrophysicist with a remarkable gift for complex mathematical structures. She also has a strong sense of E.S.P.


a widowed counterterrorism operative who is struggling to cope with his wife’s untimely death.

Dr. Hyman

a NASA scientist who has a theory about what may have happened to the missing aircraft.

The unlikely trio travels on a NASA jet to the area where the airliner vanished when the plane encounters severe turbulence and crashes in an unknown and otherworldly place. They have no idea where they are. Henry thinks they’re being subjected to a government experiment while Monty and Dr. Hyman believe they have been transported to an alien planet. They think the airliner with 200 passengers may have ended up there as well. While they set out to find the missing aircraft and figure out where they are and how to get back to Earth, Monty has premonitions of something that looks like an inverted star, a black star. They realize that an alien intelligence may be controlling their destiny and that something big is about to take place in the universe.

Henry and Monty are forced to confront their deepest fears as everything they have ever known about the Universe will come into question. Guided by her inner voice, Monty must use her mathematical mind to solve a riddle that will unlock the mystery. In the process, she finds herself face to face with the biggest mystery of all: the black star?

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Speed at Impact
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Travel Time
100 Days
Time to Live

On dreams and intuition Black Star is a mystery adventure and Monty and Henry must solve riddle upon riddle to find out what’s going on. Our characters will think and speculate about their experience just like we do as readers. But what they believe is true in the first book may prove to be completely wrong in the second book. The story snakes its way through a world filled with traps and dead ends. A world where time does not exist, nothing is what it seems and the truth is elusive to the very end.

We hope that when you have finished reading Black Star and the ending has sunk in, you will start to see a bigger picture in there, something that has been right in front of you the whole time. Something familiar. Something you may have always known to be true…

Safe galactic travels!
In the story, Monty is guided by a voice but she can’t always interpret what the voice is saying. Sounds familiar? We all have that inner voice, our intuition, but for Monty, the voice is audible and very real. It tries to help her and guide her but it also drives her crazy. It’s a blessing and a curse. We wanted to explore what intuition is. How can we be forewarned about something? What is it that knows what’s coming? Is someone out there talking to us from another realm?

The information Monty receives arrives not only by her inner voice but also through her dreams. Strangely, both Jesper and I had several remarkable dreams while working on the books. Two of my dreams even made it into the story as Monty’s dreams. Sometimes it was hard to know what was fiction and what was real. Did someone talk to us about what to write? Did the same voice that guided Monty also guide us and tell us what to write about Monty? This is what Black Star is all about. The outer world intermingling with our inner world. Our perception of what is happening juxtaposed what is really happening. And how do we know what is really happening? What version of our experience is real?

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